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Ya nada me sorprende, pero todo me entristece.

-- Cevladé (via depuroye-ye)
me on a spanish test: cómo se llama, bonita, mi casa, shakira shakira

Gerard Piqué, playing with Milan.

Tengo un sexy secreto que le voy a contar a tu piel.

-- (via amorporsexo)


"we’re having mcdonalds for dinner"


"i made cookies"


"i did your laundry for you" 


"we’re going out you’ll be home alone for a few hours" 



Look here I made another thing out of copper wires and a bottle

if you want a thing you can buy a thing for $6 + Shipping to wherever you are

and you can add on a leather-ish string thing for +$1.50

email me at or message me ! 

yay thing


DIY Impractical Inspiration: Katharina Ludwig Ice Jewelry. Go to the link for more photos..GIFs by me using my favorite program Katharina Ludwig:

Performative jewellery objects reflecting on ephemerality and transformation.

Put on the body, they will melt by the body warmth. What will stay is just the core of them and the marks the ice leave at your skin.

A chain guided in a special way and frozen into ice cubes and shapes. While melting, the chain extends to its full size.

This is the DIY ice cube necklace everyone has posted all over the internet. Maybe they were inspired by Katharina Ludvig’s necklaces from 2008.


truebluemeandyou: Toilet Paper Roll Necklace and Earrings. For my blogging friend (you know who you are) who I do give a crap about and I know will totally get this post i.e. toilet paper roll crafts.


Beaded Toilet Paper Necklace and Earrings. Because nothing says, “I don’t give a crap about you!” better than toilet paper LiciaBeads says:

Maybe I should go to bed sooner, but some of the best ideas come up late at night, sometimes while in the bathroom. Use them as a reminder that you need to purchase TP. Remember to check that there is TP in that restroom stall before doing your business. Remind a friend of that “one time that thing happened”. Wear while camping, not all jewelry is suitable camping, but these get the point across.

They are rolled over the top, as this is the proper way for TP to be placed into the roller, but I suppose you can wear it “backwards” if you are feeling sassy… (sorry, it doesn’t unroll).